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Introduction of Gitti Pajohan Sana Salamat company


In 2019, Giti Pajohan Sana Salamat Company was registered and officially started its activity in the field of production of medical diagnostic laboratory tubes with VAKAVI brand with the perspective of research and innovation.
Now, by God's grace, while being able to produce all laboratory tubes in 4 types of main products with 16 sub-branches including CBC, ESR, SST GEL, SST GRANUL, we are cooperating with large manufacturing companies in this field.


The formation of an experienced work team of young people is capable of promoting the interests of consumers through expanding the quality and quantity of existing products and reproducing imported items for domestic consumption with an export perspective.


The most important value for the company's team is to see the Vakavi brand as the biggest quality reference and to hear the voice of complete satisfaction of the hard workers in the field of patient health diagnosis, that is, medical diagnosis laboratories.


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