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Blood coagulation activator improver

Blood clot activator Improving agent

  • One of the problems of blood coagulation activators is the formation of a dry and hard clot inside the SST tube that separates the blood serum.
  • This problem causes disruption of the serum and difficulty in separating the serum. Fibrin is not separated well and will bring its own problems.
  • By creating a jelly clot, the mentioned substance will improve the process of separating the serum from the blood and will create a clear and uniform serum.

SND 158 is a stable substance soluble in water and is prepared by the following method.



Mix 1 to 1.8 grams of the substance in 50 grams of deionized water for 10 minutes with a magnetic mixer (Mixture No. 1).

Mix the activator powder separately in 50 grams of distilled water, preferably with a magnetic mixer, as a uniform suspension. (No. 2)

Mix 1 and 2 together and mix for 10 minutes.

If you use VAKAVI brand powder, refer to the instructions for Active Tour.

  • The storage temperature of the substance is 25-8 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid freezing the material.
  • Keep away from direct light.
  • The substance is completely non-toxic.
  • Use gloves while making the suspension to prevent possible sensitivity.


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The effect of improving blood clotting and jellification of blood clot





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